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Why West End?

If you take a look at West End or simply walk through it, you'll feel tension. It's interesting. You feel people's uneasiness in response to their surroundings: poverty, drug addictions, prostitution, all enclosed by the contrasting wealth of the skyscrapers that surround it.

That's why we chose to start here. People here are longing for something: love, a feeling of knowing that someone cares for them and hasn't forgotten them, a hope that despite their present condition, they are going to be okay and are not alone.

We understand the solution is radical, unprecedented love. Love so unexpected it is not understood. We have come to see that acts of kindness carry a vast impact, but in due time, they too are forgotten. 

There is, however, a distinct kind of love, a love that lasts forever, a love, which man alone cannot give. A love so selfless it died on a cross for the forgiveness of those who failed. A love which man cannot live without because he was born to be embraced by it.

The Bible tells us God is everlasting.
The Bible tells us God is love.


As a local church, we are driven to share the gospel of God’s grace through discipleship and meeting the basic needs of the underprivileged, the heavy laden, and the lost.


We will mobilize and equip believers from among our volunteers and the homeless to

fulfill the Great Commission, by sharing the Word of God and showing Christ's love to all we encounter. 


We are committed to the Biblical notion that all men are created in the image of God and, thus, equally valuable. Thus, we are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere for even those typically shunned. We meet outdoors to make them feel comfortable. We want to greet and develop a personal relationship with everyone who attends. Most importantly, we want to create a sense of devotion to God who saved us.

Our Story

Our founder: David Miranda

It all began out of love. Around the year 2010, three students from Dallas Baptist University were baffled by their recent experiences in the West End district of Dallas. While there were expensive restaurants and massive towers showing the affluence of the city, on nearly every corner there could be seen homeless folks begging for food and clothed in worn and dirty clothing. They decided something needed to be done. On Sunday mornings, David Miranda led the group of friends to begin going out and inviting a few homeless folks to a local sandwich shop for some food and a small Bible study. 

Eventually, the sandwich shop grew uncomfortable with the number of homeless attracted to the Bible study and asked the friends to no longer return. Feeling led by God to continue reaching out to the homeless community, David Miranda began holding worship services outside of a donut shop right by the West End DART Station and started to invite other students from DBU to join him, starting the non-profit West End Streets Ministry. As the number of volunteers and homeless attendees grew, it became clear that many from both groups considered West End more than just an opportunity for ministry but a church in its own right. In 2016, a vote was taken to become a church associated with General Baptist Convention of Texas, and West End Church was born. In 2019, David Miranda resigned as pastor of West End, but the leadership carries on the mission of share the Gospel and love of God to the least of these.

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